Make Way for a Super Supermarket… Re-zoning Paves the Way on Route 119

On the evening of November 23rd, the Greenburgh Town Board voted “yes” on a proposal amending its zoning code to allow a major new supermarket (Stop and Shop) to be built on... Read more »

Water Signs…, Reclaiming Tarrytown’s Former Pump Station

How many times have you driven past the old Eastview Pumping Station at the east end of the Tarrytown Lakes just short of the Saw Mill Parkway entrance and wondered what might... Read more »

Looking Ahead, Tarrytown Prepares for 2010 Budget

Village residents have the option of paying Village taxes in two parts each year, once before June 30th and again before December 31st or they can simply pay it all at once... Read more »

Tarrytown on the Move

As the summer winds down, the Village of Tarrytown continues with a full slate of projects that will start or continue into the new year. In a review of the projects now... Read more »

A Great View Gets Clearer

Christine Brown, the new proprietor at Sleepy Hollow’s Sunflour Café at 222 Beekman Avenue, said in a recent interview that after nearly a year in her new business "the breakfast and luncheon/dinner... Read more »

Tarrytown Seeks Stimulus Package Aid

The stimulus package that Washington is now dealing with may eventually work for Tarrytown when it is finally approved for individual states. Tarrytown has asked the Department of Transportation in New York... Read more »

Election 2009, Room at the Top

Running unopposed for Mayor and Trustees in Tarrytown are Mayor Drew Fixell, and Trustees Thomas Butler, Becky McGovern, and Doug Zollo.  Fixell has been a Trustee two and a half terms and Mayor... Read more »

Demeter’s – A Neighborhood Sports Headquarters

When we last wrote about Demeter’s on these pages some two years ago, we spoke of how the restaurant/bar had been in the same location and in the same family for sixty... Read more »

Location, Location, Location…, Briarcliff to Build a Pump Station at Tarrytown Lakes

As economies contract and tax monies are squeezed, one village after another is looking for ways to combine services and to raise revenues. One of the major new combinations in this section... Read more »

Getting Underway in Tarrytown

Tarrytown’s Major Projects Reviewed: A visit with Village Administrator, Michael Blau, puts an update on major village activities and where they now stand. Read more »