Village of Sleepy Hollow Initiatives

It’s not very often that residents have the opportunity to see the workings of Village goverment. In Sleepy Hollow the business backgrounds of both Mayor Philip Zegarelli and Village Administrator […] Read more »

Getting It Right The First Time, Lighthouse Landing

Sleepy Hollow’s Planning Board Chairman, Nicholas Robinson, is looking at every street within the Village and even those that don’t exist yet. Read more »

Update On Lighthouse Landing, An Interview with Philip Zegarelli

Artist’s rendering looking up Beekman Avenue The Village of Sleepy Hollow has a time deadline of December 16 to get all comments in on the Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement […] Read more »

Students are Active Learners at Tappan Hill School

Students prepare to celebrate new play areas. “Be Careful.” “Take Turns.” “Be Courteous.” “Stay Safe.” Life lessons? Rules from a Driver’s Education Class? Not quite. These are the playground rules […] Read more »

Making Movies At The Music Hall

Actor Matt Damon among fans and camera phones at the Music Hall The Music Hall Theatre has been buzzing with activity, from 23 events in October to being a location […] Read more »

School Budget – Sample Machine Budget, Public Schools of the Tarrytown – May 16, 2006

YES¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† NO PROPOSITION NO. 1 -2006-2007 BUDGET ¬† ¬† Shall the Board of Education of this School District be authorized to expend […] Read more »

The Marvelous Month of May, At Historic Hudson Valley

On Mother’s Day the Singing Spring Sisters will perform at Washington Irving’s Sunnyside. In a fitting collaboration for Mother’s Day, several mother and daughter pairs are joining together to create […] Read more »

Shall We Dance

Audrey St. Vincent, teacher and former director of the Dance Connection of Westchester, Inc., is now teaching at the United Methodist Church Arts Center at 27 South Washington Street in […] Read more »

Got a Green Thumb and Some Time?

The Tarrytown Beautification Committee is looking for volunteers for their Spring work. The Committee is appointed by the Village Board to ‚Äúdress up‚Äù the Village. Read more »

Christine Wetzel

Sleepy Hollow resident, Christine Wetzel, is excited to be offering her many years of experience in yoga and pilates, in an in-home personalized, group or individual, program. Christine has been […] Read more »