Workout Routines of the Top NFL Players

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Football players are some of the most powerful athletes that you will find in any sport. Their conditioning is the result of a lot hard work. What do these players do differently to maintain their bodies throughout a full season? We take a look at some of the best workout routines for the top NFL players:

Squat Jumps

It is the perfect workout routine for hips, knees, and ankles. The ‘triple flexion response’ will create power on the field irrespective of whether you are leaping, battling an opponent, or running.

How to do it

To do the squat jumps perfectly, you first need to stand with your hands behind your hand and legs just outside your shoulders. You can then squat but ensure that your knees are behind your toes. You can then jump vertically after holding onto this position for two seconds. You can then imagine that you are pulling your toes to the shins midair as you prepare for landing. The next step is landing on the starting squat position and hold for about 3 seconds. Ensure that you always land soft and the hips are down and back. You can repeat the process up to 10 times.

Box Blast

This exercise routine ensures that football players have explosive power in the legs and hips. Such power comes in handy when a player wants to create separation from opponents on the field.

How to do it

You need a 6-12” box to carry out this routine. Stand with one foot flat on the box and bend your arms to 90 degrees and cock them backward. Jump vertically and explode through the front leg while at the same time extending the knee, hip, and ankle. Land on the starting position with both legs but ensure that you exert more pressure on the foot on the box. Without pausing, take off the same leg immediately and repeat the process up to 10 times. You can then switch legs and repeat the same process.

Lateral Bound 

This is the routine that will build explosive lateral power in the legs, which comes in handy irrespective of the position.

How to do it

Assume an athletic stance with both of your legs on the ground, but most of the weight on the right leg. Squat a little bit with the right leg, then use this leg and the glutes to jump to the left foot. Extend the right leg while you leap and then land on the left leg only. You can repeat the process on the other side once you regain balance. Hold up to 3 seconds on each side. Ensure that you do at least 10 sets per side.

3-Hurdle Drill

This routine improves quickness and the body’s ability to have cutting movements. It is also an important exercise if you want to improve coordination.

What it takes

You need 3 low hurdles (about 6” each), cups, books, bricks, or anything similar. Lay all these hurdles 2 to 3 feet apart and then stand over the first obstacle. Quickstep side to side over these obstacles but ensure that you never cross your feet. Reverse your direction rapidly. However, ensure that only the outside foot goes beyond the last obstacles. Do this for at least 30 seconds. Take a rest and perform up to 10 sets.

Train your mind 

Even though most athletes will focus on physical fitness, mental health is also an important consideration for performance. The mental state will dictate how successful a training session will be. Always remember that your body will go as far as your mind can take it. A troubled mind will lower your concentration levels and performance once you get on the pitch.

Meditation is one of the approaches that can help football players overcome mental challenges. Having some alone time to focus on what you want to achieve, identifying the obstacles, your strengths and weaknesses will help have a settled mind. Professional football players are encouraged to engage in activities that make them happy whenever they are not on the field.

Above are the workout routines that the best players in the NFL do to ensure that they have shredded bodies and energy to tackle opponents and deliver the best. However, you must also ensure that you have a healthy diet if you desire to have the vigor of football players.

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