Club Fit Helps Community Stay Fit While Staying at Home

As we practice social distancing, one of the challenges of staying home can be staying fit. We don’t have all the equipment or space we are used to having at the gym. And many of us miss especially that group dynamic which helps motivate us. But, as studies show exercise helps boost mood as well as the immune system, staying active is crucial to our well-being — perhaps now even more than usual.

Club Fit is working to help keep their members and community motivated. The Club has been posting a series of follow-at-home workout videos via their social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and the Club Fit blog. Many of the Club’s instructors and trainers have taken the initiative to lead live classes as a way to keep connected with members. Club Fit has been also sharing these on their Briarcliff and Jefferson Valley Facebook pages to make it easy for members to find and join in.

Another way Club members can utilize technology to stay connected is via Club Fit’s app. The Club will be posting weekly challenges to help their members stay motivated while they stay at home. Bonus Club rewards points provide an added incentive, letting members work toward free rewards they can redeem once the clubs reopen. The app also offers workouts members can do at home.

While non-members don’t have access to the Club app, they can still follow the Club’s social feeds, accessing all the resources Club Fit is sharing with the community. Some other options include workout channels on YouTube and streaming TV apps, including Roku, Google Play, Apple TV, and Amazon. Why not FaceTime with a friend and try a workout together?

As always, consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. If you are not used to regular exercise, start slowly, and pay attention to your body’s response. Overdoing it can potentially tax your immune system, which is not something you want to do. Stay well, stay safe, and stay home.

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