CHHOP Receives $6,000 Grant from the Westchester Community Foundation

The money was used to provide technology for staff to work from home

Caring for the Hungry and Homeless of Peekskill (CHHOP) received a $6,000 grant from the Westchester Community Foundation (WCF). The grant comes from the Westchester Covid-19 Response Fund and was made possible (in part) by the Westchester Community Foundation, a division of The New York Community Foundation.

As New York State went on pause and businesses were asked to have their staff work from home, it was essential for the CHHOP team to continue to support its programs and the people they assist. Part of the $6,000 grant from the Westchester Community Foundation was used by CHHOP to purchase an additional QuickBooks license.

The QuickBooks license is vital to keep CHHOP operations moving successfully. The license makes it possible for CHHOP to access QuickBooks on the cloud enabling those in the financial department to work remotely while still keeping up with the needs of the department. In addition, six laptops and six all-in-one printers with scanners were purchased and distributed to staff members working from home.

“The QuickBooks license, the laptops and all-in-one printers with scanners really help us to keep operations running smoothly,” said Erika Febres, CHHOP Office Manager. “We had to give our staff the tools to work professionally and keep up with their clients while working from home. Not everyone had the full capability to work remotely. Now CHHOP staff can do their work from home in a much more efficient and timely manner.”

The remainder of the funds received from the WCF were also used to purchase additional cleaning supplies. CHHOP is vigilant in adhering strictly to the CDC Covid-19 guidelines and the additional funds for cleaning supplies is much needed and appreciated.

“We are grateful to the Westchester Community Foundation for this generous grant that allows CHHOP to continue its programs and service clients as effectively as possible during these unprecedented times,” said Cynthia Knox, CEO, CHHOP.

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