When School’s Out, Construction Begins…
To Span Three Years

Outlines and timetables for the expansion and renovation of the Washington Irving School were presented at the final EPTA meeting held at John Paulding on May 30.


Rendering of Washington Irving School Facing West

Dr. Howard Smith, Superintendent of Schools, revealed that on June 21 there will be a formal review with the State Education Department and the approximate date for approval will be sometime in July. Bidding is expected to take place in August with an accepted bid by September. Construction will then be set to get underway in October. The following is a projected timetable of the construction beginning in 2006 and ending June 2009:

• July ’06 – August ’06: Temporary music rooms setup in the back of the auditorium on the first floor.

• October ’06 – November ’07: Construction and renovation of classrooms on the ground floor. Construction of music rooms and renovation of boys’ bathroom and classrooms on the first floor. Renovate boys’ bathroom and classrooms on the second floor.

• December ’07 – January ’08: Renovation of classrooms on the first floor and second.

• July ’08 – August ’08: Construction of temporary classrooms in the cafeteria on the ground floor.

• July ’08 – December ’08: Renovation of auditorium and administration on the first floor. Renovation of the upper auditorium and a full-size library on the second floor. Renovation of third floor.

• January ’09 – June ’09: Renovation of girls’ bathroom and classrooms on the first floor and second floor.

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