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When our son James began Taekwondo as a 5-year old Peewee at Yoo’s Martial Arts in Tarrytown, we knew he would develop strength and confidence while having fun.

imagesIn the three years since then, we have found that Taekwondo has also had a big impact on his becoming a boy of strong character and excellent work ethic.

James’s martial arts training has helped us to emphasize some of our family’s important values. Respect, humility, perseverance, self-control, and honesty are all qualities we encourage, and these are the five "aims to achieve" he practiced as a white belt. Now that he is soon to be a black belt, we have seen James grow into a confident and determined kid. He shows perseverance in everything he does, and he sets his goals high.

Taekwondo has also been extremely beneficial in fostering his self-control. Since beginning Taekwondo, he has become much better able to handle conflicts with siblings or peers in a positive way, to manage his emotions, and to find a peaceful center in himself. He has developed greater strength, endurance, and coordination through Taekwondo and, alongside these physical skills, he has developed concentration, composure, and dedication.

When he is presented with a task that is difficult to achieve, he has learned to break the task down into steps, seek advice from teachers and leaders, continue practicing, and keep trying until he meets his goal. We saw this process happen when he needed to use a difficult kick to break a board in order to receive his brown belt, and he was very proud when he did. At home and at school, James has benefited from the training and mentoring he has received at Yoo’s Martial Arts — we are pleased that it is a part of his life.

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