Yoo’s Martial Arts Kicks-Off on Main Street

The long awaited relocation of Yoo’s Martial Arts finally took place this summer. The new location at 10 Main Street is only a block away from the prior one on Broadway.

imagesStudents are in for a treat! The new space is over five times larger and includes an additional training room being used for separate classes, one-on-one instruction, self-practice or warm-up before class. A larger school was needed to accommodate the growing number of students in recent years. The location will also allow for new offerings, including new Pee Wee classes for 4-6 year old kids, lower-impact MSMK (meditation, stretching, martial arts & kigong) classes for adults, Sunday workshops and birthday parties.

Yoo’s Martial Arts has been an integral part of the Tarrytown community since its opening over 10 years ago and is owned and run by Master Sung Keun Yoo. Master Yoo’s traditional martial arts training has produced over 100 blackbelts of all age groups. Many of the blackbelt students have since become assistant instructors at the school while continuing their blackbelt training. His most senior student, Drew Vannover, recently achieved a milestone by earning his 4th degree, becoming the school’s first student to reach the rank of "Master."

What lies behind the success and longevity of Yoo’s Martial Arts? Master Yoo’s background and 30+ years of experience is undoubtedly a contributing factor. Many of his students are unaware of his credentials, which is not surprising given Master Yoo’s display of utmost humility. A 6th degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, a 4th degree Blackbelt in Kum-Ye-Do (Korean traditional swordsmanship) and Hapkido, and a 3rd degree Blackbelt in Judo provide Master Yoo with a unique wealth of knowledge, particularly since he earned them at the prestigious Yong In University in Korea, widely regarded as the martial arts "Mecca" producing some of the world’s finest martial artists. Master Yoo’s experience as a member of the world renowned Korean Tigers Demonstration Team and as a Demonstration Coach at the 1993 World Tae Kwon Do Championships at Madison Square Garden is also most impressive.

However, the real formula for his success can be attributed to the "Do" (which translates to "way of life") which Master Yoo instills in his students. He succeeds in doing so because he truly practices what he preaches. Whether it be finding one’s true self and form of expression in a martial arts form, using proper breathing to maximize or revitalize one’s energy after serious training, or calming and focusing one’s mind through daily meditation, Master Yoo carefully guides his students throughout their training and development both inside and outside of the dojang. Most importantly, Master Yoo helps his students by teaching them to evaluate their own progress and realize their true potential while helping others achieve theirs. Most any of his students will tell you that they have achieved goals or overcome obstacles that at some point they considered impossible, either in martial arts or in their personal lives.

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