Thanks from Main Street Sweets

On the morning of April 23 Main Street Sweets suffered a fire. There was extensive smoke damage to the interior of the building. The fire was kept to a minimum due to the quick response of the fire departments of Tarrytown.

"Kudos to them. They were extremely professional and considerate," said Kathy Buonanno, one of the owners.

Marlaina Bertolacci & Corie D’Agostinis, the two other owners said, "We knew we could repair the damage but over the course of eight years, could we replace the same cozy feeling our shop emanated?

The rush was on! With the help, coordination and expertise of Kathy’s husband, Gene, and Marlaina’s husband, Paul, and Gene & Kathy’s son, Devin, the store was ready for it’s grand re-opening on May 2nd, as planned.

"This proves the power of family and determination. We want to thank everyone for their support, kind words and well wishes. Also, thanks to all our friends who supplied us with food and other goodies as we toiled in our shop to put it back together, as well as all the beautiful flowers and plants that were sent to celebrate our re-opening. Eight years ago on May 5, 2000, we opened Main Street Sweets for the first time. We are glad we were able to have our re-opening on May 2, 2007. Again, a big thanks to everyone. We missed you, too," responded Kathy, Marlaina & Corie.

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