Tarrytown Beautification Foundation Brings Osprey Nesting Pole to Tarrytown Lake

As the nesting pole was in the process of being placed at a site at the Tarrytown Lakes, a pair of osprey soared overhead as if to keep an eye on the construction of their possible new home.

imagesFor the past several years, osprey have been sited at the Lakes.

This magnificent raptor was once listed on the “threatened” species list due to the use of the pesticide DDT and the destruction of their natural nesting sites. With the interest throughout the United States to bring this bird population back, the Tarrytown Beautification and Enhancement Foundation decided to supply them with an appropriate nesting structure.

Tarrytown resident and bird watcher Nancy Robinson had an idea and a dream: to use the Tarrytown Lakes area, abundant in wildlife and water foul, to launch a program which would encourage osprey to nest and raise their young for the residents of Tarrytown to observe.

She presented her idea to the Tarrytown Beautification and Enhancement Foundation, and together with the Foundation, they saw that dream come to fruition. What at first seemed to be a daunting task was made possible by the assistance and cooperation of people who care enough to make a difference. The Village Board gave their approval to go ahead with the project and the Foundation is most grateful to them, to the residents who have given their support.

There were many others who contributed their services. Tarrytown resident Louis Lambros who, with the guidance of Jim Robinson, built the nesting box in their driveway. Frank Morabito of Morabito Electric provided a 40′ pole, truck and an auger. Domenic Morabito and Ed Marrin who, along with Frank, erected the pole near the lake.

Scott Weaver, DPW foreman, was invaluable and always willing to help along the way. Employees of the Tarrytown DPW: Bruce Conca, who single-handedly placed the incredibly heavy nesting box on the pole along with Jose Casiano, Darrell Lindsay, Max Lopez, Billy McGuire, and Scott Toth. It is the Foundation’s hope to encourage all birds, large and small, to make this beautiful and sensitive area a safe haven for them to return to each year as a permanent residence. Providing them a home site is a positive beginning. The Foundation believes that we all have an obligation to preserve and protect the delicate ecosystem of this special area, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their natural habitats.

This project was made possible solely through tax deductible donations. As a 501(C)3 the foundation relies on the generous support of Tarrytown residents. It gratefully accepts contributions made out to:TBEF, Box 591, Tarrytown, NY 10591.

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