Middle Class STAR Property Tax Rebate

The new Middle Class STAR Property Tax Rebate program is expected to provide significant tax relief for many residents of our community. According to school district estimates, any household with a combined federal adjusted gross income for all resident owners of the property of less than $175,000 in 2005 and a school tax bill of approximately $8400 or less in 2006 will be eligible for a rebate that will equal or exceed their school tax increase for 2007.

In our community, rebate checks will range from approximately $600 to approximately $1200, depending upon the property owner’s income. Property owners MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION BY NOVEMBER 30, 2007 to be eligible for the rebate. Application forms were scheduled for mailing to property owners in Westchester County during the week of September 17. The fastest way to receive a rebate is to apply online at www.nystax.gov and provide the information displayed on the rebate application that comes in the mail.

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