Legends Realty Group

Legends Realty Group LLC, a new real estate agency, has opened in Sleepy Hollow at 358 North Broadway. Elvira Aloia, Mary Case Friedner, Phyllis Lerner and Karen Stroub have come together to form a team of top-producing real estate specialists.

In addition, Marcene Hedayati, who has managed several well-known Westchester offices, will provide managerial support.

The rationale behind Legends Realty Group is to house some of the best and most respected real estate agents in the industry under one roof and to create a company that ensures superior service to individuals buying and selling homes. "It’s not often that you find the most successful agents together in one company, but that’s all changed with Legends Realty Group. The agents are also partners in the company making it very attractive for seasoned professionals to join. What better way to control quality of service than by offering all the partners a share of the company," Ms. Hedayati said. Legends Realty Group can be reached at (914) 332-6300.

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