Imagine, Create, Discover, & Explore, Warner Library Lives by the Motto

In talking with Kris Weltzheimer, the Director of the Warner Library, and Liz Siracusa, the young adults librarian, it is relatively easy to take interest in a building that has served its community since 1929. That interest will only increase with the current restoration taking place – a restoration project that will be unveiled on Monday, February 25, when the Library reopens after being closed from February 17-24. During that week-long closure many finishing touches will be completed.

Patrons can expect to see a custom-made circulation desk that will resemble one that was initially installed in the Library almost 80 years ago. In the Audubon Room chandeliers will grace the ceiling much in the way that they had in 1929. In fact, the chandeliers were discovered stored in the basement of the Library and are marvelous to look at. The inside front doors of the Library will be refinished, the floors cleaned and the inside limestone at the entrance washed. New carpet will be installed for the entire main floor as well.

Last fall the new young adult’s area was celebrated, and written in the lighting covers, the words imagine, create, discover and explore beam down.


Top two images: Warner Library circa 1929
Liz Siracusa (l.) Young Adults Librarian and Kris Weltzheimer, Director.
Bottom: Chandeliers found in the basement of the Library grace the newly decorated Audubon Room.

The area also referred to as the teen nook was budgeted at $10,000. Friends of the Library, through their book sales, contributed $8,000 to defray expenses, while the Rotary Club contributed $500 for "Book Nook" signs. Tarrytown’s T.F. Andrew Carpet One generously donated and installed the carpeting.

Overall the Library staff is looking forward to the completion of projects that have ranged from a new fire alarm system, a new roof, new heating and ventilation, and a handicapped-access bathroom, paid through capital budget expenditures. Add to these the esthetic changes that will soon be revealed to patrons, and the Warner Library is worthy of becoming a "destination" for those who relish the written word. It is an environment that all can be proud of – an inviting place where the vision and work of its founder and benefactor, Worcester Reed Warner, continues through the dedication of its board, staff and the community at large.

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