Glassless Mirrors

Glassless Mirror Manufacturing in Irvington creates unique mirrors made of a highly reflective metallized film that is stretched and sealed over an aluminum frame.

These mirrors are lighter and brighter than plate glass mirrors giving them the flexibility to be used in many applications; in addition, they are shatterproof.

Glassless Mirror Manufacturing is owned by Rick Powers, Benito Repollet and Wanda Langsam. They started this company after working for the late Eugene Martinez, Sr., of Mirrorlite Products, who pioneered the glassless mirror industry. Glassless Mirror Manufacturing has opened at the same location at 2 South Astor Street in Irvington, with many of the same staff, and is again producing fine glassless mirrors.

These mirrors have been used in the Broadway shows The Producers and A Chorus Line, and are also placed in home gyms, fitness centers, dance studios, casinos and more. Because they weigh only ten pounds, a fraction of glass mirrors, and are so easily installed, they represent a huge cost savings as well as safety benefits. They also come in custom shapes, sizes, and tints. See our ad and visit our website at, or telephone 914 231 7330.

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