Backup plans have been in place for Irvington and Sleepy Hollow hydrants

Irvington has 42 private fire hydrants out of a total of 371. Some of them are on Dow’s Lane with the remainder in different locales within the Village.

According to Village Administrator, Larry Schopfer, the former Administrator, Mr. Don Marra, had addressed the issue of private hydrants over two years ago. "Our Fire Department is aware of every private hydrant in the Village and some of them on Dow’s Lane are not in very good repair. Firefighters will tap into public hydrants in those areas, and plans to use these public hydrants have been in place for quite some time," Schopfer said.

Under New York State law communities are required to flush hydrants twice a year. This prevents sedimentation build up and also reveals the workings of each hydrant, which are then reported. In Sleepy Hollow there are 217 hydrants and all are tagged with notices to each Fire Department Company and to the Police Department as well. Once again, an alternative plan exists within Sleepy Hollow should there be any hydrant failure. The Village also coordinates with Sleepy Hollow High School, Phelps Memorial Hospital and Kendal on Hudson to ensure all hydrants are operating efficiently. The same holds true for hydrants in Sleepy Hollow’s parks and the General Motors site.

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