A Dog’s Tale

The following is a plea for Anna, a spunky little rat terrier who is nothing if not a survivor. Anna was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago. Diabetes in dogs is managed in much the same way it is in humans.

imagesAnna’s owners’ answer to her diagnosis was to dump her at a high kill shelter in New York City. Enter Michelle Skroce, animal rescuer par excellence, to save Anna from a death sentence. Michelle knew Anna’s odds for adoption were close to nil and pulled her from the shelter so she would avoid the cold reality of euthanasia after being abandoned by her family of eight years just because she was sick! This is what Ms. Skroce does. Michelle’s dog walking/pet sitting business, "Beaks, Claws and Furry Paws," has been serving the river towns for nearly 10 years.

Anna is Michelle’s wing-dog, accompanying her to work each day. Involved in animal rescue for more than twenty years, Michelle specializes in what she refers to as throwaways, those with little chance for adoption. Many of her rescues stay with her until the natural end of their lives and she wouldn’t have it any other way. The animals in her care live in her home and receive all the benefits of a well-loved family member. Michelle pays most of their costs out-of-pocket. Her yearly wellness vet bills alone would make Trump tremble. Recently, Anna has developed cataracts in both eyes. Her vision is deteriorating rapidly and without surgery will leave her completely blind in a very short time. The surgery will restore her vision. Nino, a senior Chihuahua rescued around the same time as Anna, is totally blind as the result of cataracts. It was already too late for him when he came to Michelle. Seeing Nino’s daily struggles and knowing this time there is something she can do, Michelle is determined to save Anna’s sight. Sadly, the longer Anna goes without surgery, the higher the risk of permanent damage. The small window of opportunity makes it nearly impossible for Michelle to raise the funds needed on her own. Anna’s surgery will cost in excess of $5000.00. If every person who reads this donates just $1.00 surely the cost of Anna’s surgery will be covered. Think of it. For the cost of a small coffee you can make a difference. Please donate what you can. Who am I, you ask? I am Susan Stevens. I met Michelle two years ago when I was fortunate enough to adopt one of her throwaways, the fabulous Jack Tastycake. With this in mind, after donating to this very worthy cause, please consider adopting a homeless animal. The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it sooner.

Tax deductible contributions can be made payable to “Kodi’s Club,” c/o Brett Verlen at 123 East 37th Street, APT 8D, NY, NY 10016.

Please enclose a note with the check to indicate “Anna” is the recipient.

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