"Washington Irving School in Mourning"

Dear Editor,

Wonderful March article. Thank you for putting some clarity into what we already know is simply a loss to the children and community of Tarrytown.

Ms. Gonzalez was thrown into this position (with very little options to decline it) because this administration had already ousted its three previous Asst.Principals. [1 Puerto Rican female; 2 males — 1 (Polish) retired, 1 (Irish) resigned]

The people in Tarrytown need to realize that this administration and school board are not keeping the education of children as their utmost objective. Instead they are looking at numbers which do not reflect the actual progress of the school and using that as a cushion to remove untenured staff. Their numbers reflect low scores because of the influx of new enrollment which is not indicative of progress.

The Washington Irving School is in mourning! The children, staff, parents, and community must stand up for what they deem an injustice. Having a revolving door in an environment where children need trust, security, and education should NOT be an OPTION, nor should it be PERMTTED! Our children MUST come first!

R. Szova

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