The Need for Bus Shelters

Recent articles in the River Journal regarding new development in our area never fail to mention a concern about increased traffic along Route 9. While this thoroughfare would seem to be ideal for the use of bus service, anyone driving by the bus stop poles seeing people standing by the roadside without any shelter or seat cannot be attracted to the idea of using the bus.

Considering the variability of our weather, there are few times when a person would want to risk the elements.

I believe passengers are out there. The number of seniors in our villages is growing. If it was a comfortable option, parents would probably prefer it for teenagers and there are several college campuses along Route 9. Increasing gas prices should also add riders.

Briarcliff has attractive and inviting bus shelters. Phelps Memorial Hospital and Arcadian Shopping Center in Ossining have also stepped up to the plate. If we are serious as a community about helping to ease traffic, shouldn’t we encourage the use of public transportation? If shelters provided an area for advertising or recognition for funding, they might also help pay for themselves.

Cynthia Ofer
Sleepy Hollow

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