Thank You Irvington Historical Society

Just writing to express great appreciation for the Irvington Historical Society House Tour “Off Main.” Few events in Irvington have been as totally satisfying as tramping around in the pouring rain, visiting a sampling of the village’s secret treasures, including houses situated in Matthiessen Park and Barney Park.

Delightful and interesting as the houses were, the gardens were stunning revelations on an equal level. Over and over again I heard, “Why, I had no idea!…”

Everything really worked. The tour was so thoughtfully organized that twice the number could have been accommodated without problems, had the day been sunny and fine. Eight houses seemed like a magic number, allowing us to finish up a mere few seconds before physical collapse and sensory overload took place.

I also want to convey the thanks of all who enjoyed this tour to the homeowners who courageously opened their houses on such a sodden day. Each house was so memorable in its own way that each of us on the tour took away a stimulating assortment of ideas and visual impressions.

I’d like to emphasize to the Historical Society that everyone on the tour expressed high hopes that it will be the first of many. We know there are more treasures in Irvington, and this first annual tour left us hungry for more at a later time.

Again, thanks so much to everyone who made this possible.
Jean W. Spencer
Ardsley on Hudson

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