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During its first month, www.RiverJournalOnline.com has elicited a substantial number of emails regarding the site’s crisp appearance, ease of use and relevancy with regard to content.

The Internet is a wonderful medium for sharing information. As our articles continue to cover the broad strokes of our region, input from visitors to www.RiverJournalOnline.com will help us to become a premier destination for local news and events.

We encourage organizations, businesses and individuals to submit details of specific events for inclusion in our calendar – a calendar that has begun highlighting the current day’s events on each home page for easy access. With this approach we are able to keep the site fresh and ever changing. By bookmarking www.RiverJournalOnline.com you can automatically be kept abreast of important dates, day after day.

The future of this new online outlet offers great promise. In addition to expanding the event calendar and accepting reader feedback online, we will also be adding a community bulletin board to encourage debate and discussion on important topics. More articles from our archives will find their way onto the site, for we realize that a strong grasp of the past is essential to acting with knowledge and wisdom in the present.

RiverJournalOnline.com thanks all the readers who have taken the time to contact and congratulate us.

This Issue With the volume and variety of submissions we received, this March issue has shown us once again how vital our communities are. While many focus on the world at large, we at River Journal are continuously reminded about the importance of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. The bumper sticker that says to the effect, “Think global and act local,” has a simple truth to it.

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