Restoring Power and Faith

Dear Editor:

In these times, when we only seem to be informed of all the bad things that happen in the world, it is encouraging to know that there are people who do care and cooperate, right in our own communities.

Early on Thursday morning, January 19th, 2006, we lost our beloved daughter, wife and sister, Tricia Nostrand Gonzalez, to ovarian cancer.

At this most difficult time, there was also a major power outage in the Village of Tarrytown, but we were assured by Dwyer Funeral Home that the power would be restored, and that we would be able to hold Tricia’s wake there on Sunday.

On Saturday morning, we discovered that Dwyer Funeral Home was still without power, and it was too late to notify everyone of a change, and besides that, Tarrytown was Tricia’s home.

When Wil (Tricia’s husband) called and asked me if Tarrytown had an auxiliary generator, I immediately contacted Mayor Drew Fixell, who said that they didn’t, but he then called Mayor Phil Zegarelli of Sleepy Hollow, who said that they did have one, and he agreed to loan it to Tarrytown, for the funeral home. Sleepy Hollow’s DPW Superintendent Joe DeFeo and Foreman Richie Gross got it ready and Frank Morabito picked it up, set it up, and wired it, so that the funeral home was ready to go.

The power was restored later that day, but our faith had already been restored by these gentlemen, who proved that there are angels walking on this earth!

We are eternally grateful to, Mayor Phil Zegarelli, Joe DeFeo, Richie Gross, Mayor Fixell, and especially to Frank Morabito, who worked so hard, for their cooperation and kindness on Tricia’s behalf.

Thank you,

JoAnn Nostrand, Wil Gonzalez, Jr., and Dawn Nostrand Finn
The Family of Tricia Nostrand Gonzalez

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