Regarding Ms. Rachel Gonzalez Assistant Principal at Washington Irving

That was a great article in your March issue. There is another side to the story that you did fail to mention. Ms. Gonzalez managed to do all these great things at Washington Irving School while dealing with the feelings of having her twin sons deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I know this because I am her son and am following her passion for helping others as a readjustment counselor for combat veterans. While I only went on 2 tours in Afghanistan and my brother only went on 2 tours in Iraq, she has had to live through 4 long tours from 9-11-2001 until right now, while her son, my brother, has been in Iraq. She managed to do so many great things for so many children while her own children were fighting wars thousands of miles away. She is an outstanding leader and asset which makes me wonder, why let someone like this, who has given so much to her community, go?

Thank you again for writing this story. As I said, my brother is currently in Iraq and I am in Orlando, Florida. I hope the readers will fight to get my mother reinstated. Thank you again.
Respectfully, Rafig Raza

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