Questioning Signage

Letter to the Board of Trustees:

Ever since learning of the problems faced by new businesses along Main Street regarding currently allowed signage (comparing the legal issues of Cupcake Kitchen’s windows with the lack of concern over Geordane’s Food World’s new front window decal signage, as just one set of contrasting examples), I have developed a heightened awareness of signage throughout the village.

Today, returning from the train station (east tracks), I noticed something new at the Metro North parking area which almost made me run off the road with surprise! There are now dual advertising banners for Verizon FIOS hanging on at least three of the light posts along S. Astor Street (at the margin of the parking area): six banners in total along that one short strip; maybe more elsewhere?

My immediate question is this: does Metro North, or its parking management agent, actually have the contractual right to override village sign regulations? If so, is there any revenue split with the village to compensate for the overt commercialization of our waterfront views? If not, then will the village move forward with issuing a violations summons and have the signs removed?

If the contract allows commercial signage on light posts (not just on the platforms), the next question is why was the public not informed of this? It seems greatly at odds with the desire to keep an”historical” feel to the village.

Mark Gilliland

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