Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

At the end of August, a local newspaper printed a story on possible changes to the zoning in Irvington’s Main Street District. As reported, a committee was appointed to recommend zoning changes that would bring more village homes into conformance and preserve the character of the village.

As preliminary reports of the committee recommendations have become known, the undersigned Irvington residents, many of whom live in the Main Street District, have serious concerns regarding the potential negative consequences of the recommendations.

The proposed legislation does nothing to preserve or maintain the character of the neighborhood. It will permit more coverage, development, bulk, and density with less front, rear and side yard setbacks, and less oversight by the various boards of the Village. There is nothing in the legislation that preserves the open spaces currently in place, protects views, or addresses parking, traffic and drainage issues. The committee is recommending changing rules to allow larger structures on smaller lot sizes. Side and rear setbacks are reduced, townhouse construction with no side setbacks is allowed and two-family homes are permitted on lots as small as 2,400 square feet. These new rules would encourage developers to purchase modest village homes for knockdown rebuilding of townhouse and McMansion style homes. These type of homes should not be viewed as a desirable part of the character of our Village.

The new rules allow up to 26 lots to be subdivided, again raising questions on the potential negative impact on open space, views, trees, parking, traffic, and drainage.

One of our young children asked: “Why can’t someone build whatever they want on their property?” Our response was to ask him how he would feel about a brick wall being built right next to his bedroom window. The current rules permit the Village to offer variances for homeowners who wish to improve their homes, taking into account any concerns of their neighbors. Under the new rules, we would be powerless to curtail overdevelopment and its negative impact on our small Village streets.

As with all changes, one must be aware of unintended consequences. It may be beneficial if more existing homes conformed to the zoning rules but it should not come at the price of encouraging the wrong kind of development. We respectfully request that our Village Trustees address our concerns before approving any changes to the zoning rules.


Peter & Sarah Bernstein
17 N. Cottenet St., Irvington

Marty Blaire
32 Lewis Road, Irvington

Elizabeth Boyle
2 Brook Place, Irvington

Danielle Claro
40 Matthiessen Park, Irvington

Giovanna & William Czander
12 N. Cottenet St., Irvington

Gordon and Patricia Elliot
45 Circle Drive, Irvington

Salvador Garcia & Lisa Markowitz
63 Station Rd., Irvington

Francis Goudie
119 N.Broadway Irvington

Joseph M. Macchia
29 Halsey Pond Lane, Irvington

Mark & Nancy Mazur
3 Jaffray Park, Irvington

Pauline Semetis
35 N. Brook Lane, Irvington

Dan Shefelman
7 N. Cottenet St., Irvington

Matthew & Cindy Spencer
35 S. Ferris St., Irvington

Thom Thacker & Katherine Krahl
14 N. Buckout St., Irvington

Jorge Vargas
65 Station Road, Irvington

Eve Prime & John Veglak
21 N. Eckar St., Irvington

Thomas E. Willoughby
18 N. Cottenet St., Irvington

Lisa and Graham Wilton
16 West Home Place, Irvington

Paul and Elizabeth Giddins
4 Barney Park,Irvington

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