Irvington Board of Education Is At It Again!

In the November issue of the River Journal, we read about "Bond Proposition No.1 and No. 2, Turf and Track"!

If it was a proposal to finance the education of the Board in Economics Basic 101, the proposition would get my vote – there is obviously a great need.

The Board is already committed to mandatory budgetary increases and has in the past kept increasing the annual budgets by 7-10%.

For the taxpayer, this means a doubling of school taxes every 7-10 years.

If the Board, in its wisdom, paid attention to what is happening in the real world of economics, they should know that the Empire State is going to cut "contributions" to the schools substantially, since the state tax income will decrease by large amounts.

The town of Greenburgh is short of income and will have to cut expenses and raise real estate taxes. According to Spano, Westchester is going to have to increase their share in real estate taxes! Irvington cannot be too far behind!

In the meantime, the unfortunate real estate owner/taxpayer, sees his job disappear, or his income decrease. Something’s got to give; the taxpayer cannot pass on HIS deficit and is therefore left high and dry. THE PARTY IS OVER!

To propose "Turf and Track" under these economic conditions can only be considered fiscally irresponsible.

In the 70s and 80s, Irvington Schools did well in sports. In those days they did not even have what they have today in terms of facilities!

Investment in bricks and mortar does not account for good education; neither does "Turf and Track" proposition 1 and 2! If it did, the millions spent on the high school should by now have reaped amazing increases in SAT and other test scores.

No, good education is the result of good teachers and a disciplined educational environment. Good coaches will turn out good athletes without the need for "electronic scoring boards"! High school kids should experience sports as fun, and for this they do not need "Turf and Tracks."

Vote for a course in Economics and common sense for the Irvington Board of Education – they truly need it! Today they represent a Wall Street mentality, which has brought us to the mess we are in! VOTE NO TO PROPOSITION 1 AND 2!

L. Colliander

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