Community Hospital at Dobbs Ferry

As a resident of Irvington and an employee of Community Hospital at Dobbs Ferry I would like to make you aware that this hospital has saved countless lives in our Rivertown communities and beyond.

It, therefore, leads me to wonder how someone who is running for Mayor of Irvington, could have failed to support the ongoing fight for survival in which Community Hospital at Dobbs Ferry is now engaged. Erin Malloy is once again running for Mayor and is the only member of our local government who did not support the resolution passed by the Irvington Town Board to support the hospital during this crisis.

I was taught that the first and foremost responsibility of every level of government is the protection of the citizens. A mayor on this local level should understand that supporting the fight for survival by a local hospital would fall into the category of protecting our citizens. A hospital’s survival is not political. It should never be acceptable to have a hospital close, and especially when the potential closure of Community Hospital puts so many residents’ lives at risk. I am confident that fellow Rivertown residents would agree that her decision not to support the hospital, which has further jeopardized its survival, is an extremely irresponsible action by someone who has agreed to uphold all that is good for her community.

Please stop for a moment and think before you place your vote. Do you really want a leader who places so little value on the real needs of the community? Ask Erin Malloy why she couldn’t find it in herself to support this fight and ask yourself, "Is this the kind of leader you can trust."

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