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The following email was forwarded to It is a two-fold example of nothing being private on the internet while the content of the email itself is indicative of a "connected individual" distorting facts regarding a cover story in the May issue of this publication.

That cover story told of the resignation of Washington Irving’s Principal. The story itself was read to Principal Gold before being printed and all facts were verified by him. As for keeping private the issue of Assistant Principal Rachel Gonzalez not being tenured, it was, in fact, public knowledge and River Journal specifically confirmed that with the Superintendent of Schools and Ms. Gonzalez prior to writing about it.

If River Journal is not a "constructive place" to air "problems at WI and with the district as a whole" as this writer claims, then what forum should they be aired in? For the time being we have chosen not to divulge the individual’s name who wrote the email below.
River Journal

I was quite upset on Friday to learn that Robert Bonvento had been given an opportunity to spin yet another “story” that puts our district in a negative light. I thought his headlines in the past edition of his rag he calls a newspaper were provocative and of course disturbing as they relate to the quality of our district. He once again took the opportunity to twist facts and put fear and paranoia in the minds of all parents, homeowners and teachers in the district. Many parents have commented on how upset they were to read about the lack of “pupil and parent interaction” at WI.

I was further frustrated and concerned when I was at WI this morning making copies and stuffing teacher mailboxes in the mail/copy room. Both articles are displayed prominently in a public space at WI for teachers, parents and students to read and be reminded of his vitriolic comments. In addition, I was told that the issue of tenure as it relates to Rachel Gonzalez is not a matter of public record and rather a private, personnel matter. I urge you to take the articles down immediately.

I understand that there are problems at WI and with the district as a whole, however The River Journal is not a constructive place to air them. Bonvento continues to fan the flames and undermine any progress we make in the district. I am sure you can imagine how frustrating this is for parents who are working to provide their children the best possible educational experience.

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