An Overwhelming Success

Dear Editor,

On Saturday morning, October 21st, something wonderful happened in the Village of Tarrytown. The Tarrytown Beautification Foundation, along with scores of volunteers planted an estimated 30,000 daffodil bulbs throughout the Village.

Named "Project Daffodil," this was the first undertaking of our newly launched Beautification Foundation, and we far exceeded our original goal of 10,000 bulbs. The sites chosen were Patriot’s Park, McKeel Avenue along Route 9, Washington Street parking lot, Sarah Michael’s Park and the Tarrytown Lakes. Other areas throughout the Village have been, and have yet to be, planted by residents who purchased bulbs for their designated sites.

We would still be out there digging if it were not for the help of the Tarrytown Department of Public Works. Scott Weaver and his crew dug by hand and machine to help us get the job done, and we want to thank each one. Scott Toth, Anthony Ruggiero, Max Lopez, William Mcguire, Darrell Lindsay, Pete Rameriz, Ivan Lorala, Joe Apollonio, Jim Donovan and Larry Bernetti were invaluable, and we could never have done it without their help.

We especially thank all the residents who were so generous to assist us either with contributions, enthusiasm or volunteering their time and effort to plant.

As we go forward with future projects, we do know for certain that with the yearly planting of more bulbs, with an ultimate 10 year goal of 100,000 bulbs, the Village of Tarrytown is guaranteed many beautiful spring seasons!

Susan Sincero, Tarrytown

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