A Numbers Game…Is Bigger Better?, Adult Entertainers and Politicians Think So

To many voters the political party you belong to can mean perpetual inclusion or immediate exclusion at the polls. The following is a breakdown of party affiliation in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown and Irvington as provided by the data request department of the Westchester Board of Elections.

The Village of Sleepy Hollow has:

• 192 voters registered with the Independence Party
• 35 registered as a Conservative Party member
• 835 Republicans registered
• 2032 registered Democrats
• 1182 Nons*

In the Village of Tarrytown there are:

• 259 Independence Party members
• 72 registered Conservatives
• 1335 Republicans
• 2847 Democrats
• 1720 Nons*

The breakdown in Irvington shows:

• 128 registered as Independence party members
• 32 Conservative Party members
• 1098 Republicans
• 1943 Democrats
• 1054 Nons*

* reflect no party affiliation or choose not to be listed

What is immediately visible by the numbers is the fact that if voters cast ballots strictly along party lines then the Democrats will enjoy a lifetime and beyond of Village governance.

Here is where the Nons (more respectfully referred to as Independents) come into play. These voters who show up at the polls, with neither a jackass nor pachyderm mentality, realize that small towns are not about party politics but rather people and personalities.

In Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown and Irvington, Tuesday, March 18, is an important day – a very important day. Voters get to decide whom to entrust their tax money with, and which candidates have the business acumen and personal professionalism to be a Trustee and to represent their respective Villages effectively for the next two years. It is no small matter. Quite the opposite – it is a tall order.

Forget about John, Barack and Hillary for the moment. Residents of all three Villages have made choices about where they live, the schools they select and the type of work they do. Local elections are just as significant.

Why not make a choice of electing someone they entrust with the place they call home? Trustee elections are Village-wide on Tuesday, March 18 in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Irvington and beyond. Democracy isn’t a four letter word but it could be — Vote.

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