Wilson Park Pipeline…, From No Pressure to High Pressure

Several months ago a house fire on Cobb Lane in Tarrytown exposed the inability of privately maintained fire hydrants to extinguish the blaze. In short, there was a shortage of water from hydrants that were assumed to be in good working order.

Tarrytown has recently taken steps to ensure that homeowners in Wilson Park and on Cobb Lane will be guaranteed a high pressure source of water in the face of any future fires.


Top: Fire damaged home on Cobb Lane.
Middle: Above-ground temporary water lines on Wilson Park Drive.

Running underground along the west side of the upper Tarrytown Lake is a 16- inch high pressure line that has recently been tapped into by two above-ground lines of piping.

This piping is evident along Wilson Park Drive and in the park traveling towards the upper Lake. According to Mike McGarvey, Tarrytown’s Village Engineer, the two above-ground lines of pipe will keep a steady volume of water available should the fire departments need to tap into them. They will, however, remain dry lines and will only be charged when needed.

Within the next six months the above-ground lines will be removed. New underground lines will replace them, providing adequate coverage throughout Wilson Park, and continuing east along County House Road before tapping into the main line at the Pump Station.

With the proposed development of additional luxury homes in Wilson Park, the developer will be responsible for installing additional water lines that will tap into the 16-inch main the Village intends to install.

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