Tarrytowners to Vote on Three Trustee Seats

Three incumbents will put their seats on the line against three challengers in the March l8 election for Tarrytown Village Trustees.

Tom Basher (D) has served as a Trustee for 18 years, with 6 of those years being spent as Deputy Mayor.


Left side (top to bottom): Incumbents Basher, Hoyt, and McGee
Right side (top to bottom): Challengers Morabito, Kearns, and Ragusa

He has been a resident of Tarrytown for 48 years and is currently President of his own company, Laser Print, Inc. His father was on the Board of Trustees before him.

Mary McGee (D) served 12 years on the Board of Education with two years as President. She was an active member of the PTA for 22 years, a member of the Westchester Women’s School Board Members Association, and is now standing for election for the first time as Village Trustee.

Robert Hoyt (Republican running on Democratic ticket) is a life-long resident of Tarrytown, a former Captain of Consolidated Company and a member of the volunteer fire department for the past 25 years. He has been a member of the Volunteer Ambulance Corps for the past 10 years and has been employed for the last twelve years by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

When asked what their major contributions were over the past two years, they were unanimous in their opinion about "getting things moving" at a time when so many projects were on the drawing board. To their credit, they did it without rancor, despite having a Board that was made up of two Independents and one Republican. One thing that they must get credit for is the naming of committees and chairpersons for each of the Village disciplines, i.e. waterfront, parks, finance, historical society, citizens committee and the like.

Seeking to be elected is one very familiar face to the voters of Tarrytown: Nick Morabito. Another is probably as well known to those that have followed the police department: Bobby Kearns- — a retired Sergeant with 34 years of service. Their running mate is Mary Ann Ragusa, a paralegal in Tarrytown.

Nick Morabito (R) has lived in Tarrytown all his life, served as a trustee for 8 years, with 4 of them as Deputy Mayor. He has been an Electrical Inspector since 1996 and prior to that owned his own electrical contracting company.

Kearns (R) has retired from the Tarrytown Police Force after 34 years of service and is currently a construction project manager for Sun Homes LLC of Tuckahoe, N.Y.

Mary Ann Ragusa (R) is currently a paralegal, after having graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Arts and Teaching in 2005 from Manhattanville.

When presented with the question about what will they bring to Village government, they were quick to point out the need for checks and balances with regard to all the expenses involved for the projects currently underway and those in the future. With two new fire stations and a new Village Hall currently being finished, the timing of all the future expenditures are open to comment and scrutiny by the challengers.

Regardless of who the electorate chooses to represent them, these public servants will be involved in one of the most active and exciting eras in Village history. Vote on Tuesday, March 18.

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