Tarrytown Village Tax Increase Estimated At 6.48%

The following excerpts are from Village Treasurer Jim Hart’s cover letter to Mayor Fixell and the Board of Trustees. It is intended to provide a summary of the projected 2006-2007 Village Budget.

Re: 2006-2007 Village of Tarrytown Tentative Budget “The bottom line to be presented to the Mayor and the Board of Trustees is a tentative budget calling for a property tax increase of 6.48%…” “This is the smallest increase in the past five years.” Last year’s increase was 10.16%.

“…all department heads were instructed to expect a 0% increase relating to discretionary expenses. The mandated retirement costs have not stabilized and continue to rise. We still have double digit increases in our health insurance premiums. Sales and mortgage tax revenues along with other non-property tax revenues have increased moderately to help defray some increases in mandated expenses. A rise in interest income rates and our increased fees in the Building Department have also helped to defray the mandated costs stated above. Again this year we have been pro-active in pursuing overdue taxes. We have collected 99.40% of our current tax revenues. As a result of the fiscal policies over the last five years we have built up a reasonable fund surplus that has allowed us to again reduce this year’s tax burden. For the next two years until we may have new development added to our tax roles we are trying to match current revenues with current expenses and maintain our services.”

A public hearing has been scheduled for Monday, April l7.

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