Tarrytown Village Notes, Part 1

In September, at the Senior Center, the Village of Tarrytown provided an informational report regarding a new redevelopment agreement on the Ferry Landings project between the Village and builder National ReSources, Inc.

An acceptance of the project’s FEIS by the co-lead agencies, the Village Board and the Planning Board, could result shortly in a final “Findings” document and then on to the actual “Site Plan.” Should all steps go along without a hitch, building could begin as early as this summer.

A decision has been made to employ the services of Divirka and Bartilucci, engineers in Woodbury, N.Y., to determine what can be done with the Loh Brook watershed for proper handling of future runoffs, particularly on a June 29 rainfall scale. In this situation, several areas were inundated and flooding ensued. Recommendations will be made to handle the entire watershed.

The Neperan Road Park project is moving ahead on two fronts. The Park itself will undergo a $150,000 infusion to develop the 2.061 acres with reconstruction of stone walls, the correction of an old foundation area, drainage and landscaping, plus benches and picnic tables. The remaining .366 of an acre (15,959 sq. ft.) will be sold through a bidding process. That parcel has been appraised at a value of $475,000 and will be advertised in various local publications shortly. Administrator McCabe feels that the property could be sold by the end of February. All building plans must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Pending is a decision to answer a request by the Westchester Land Trusts organization to provide an “easement” related to the in-perpetuity conservation of 15 acres of Village-owned property within the Jardim Estates area on the South-side of town

Consideration continues for an agreement with Pustola and Associates of Naugatuck, CT. for overall architectural, engineering and construction management services regarding the new Village Hall and Police Department. The original plan called for National ReSources Inc. to provide the buildings to the Village. However, the decision to move the structures to the East-side of the tracks has brought an earlier referendum total of $4.3 million for this purpose, back into the picture. National ReSources will be involved in the additional funding of escalated current costs of both buildings.

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