Shooting Marbles… From a Paint Ball Gun, Warner Library Takes 15 Hits

Sometime between the evening of Wednesday, November 26th, and Friday morning, November 28th, the Warner Library had fifteen shots fired at it from what appears to be a paint ball gun or guns firing marbles.

Those responsible managed to turn the flood lights, that illuminate the front of the Library, toward the ground, thus keeping the façade in darkness. Approximately $1,300 in damage to windows was reported by the Tarrytown Police Department’s Detective Sergeant Eugene Buonanno.

The use of paint ball guns is not new to Detective Sergeant Buonanno. There have been two other incidents in the Village this year. The most recent one occurred on Halloween night when four youths from Sleepy Hollow drove through the Crest firing paint at homes and trick-or-treaters. The police sealed the roads and confiscated paint ball guns from three 15-year old youths who were passengers in a car driven by a 16-year old.

“We have some very good leads in this case,” Detective Buonanno said. He then added that he is confident about finding those responsible for the Warner Library incident, and added that if anyone knows of or saw something suspicious in front of the Library, they can call 914-631-1514. All calls will be confidential.

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