One Hundred Year Update

When a hole in the ground appears in Tarrytown, surrounded by work trucks, it is usually the phone company or an electrical service. Lately, however, many of the holes are the result of the Tarrytown Department of Public Works installing new pipes for the Village’s water supply.

imagesAccording to Village Engineer Mike McGarvey, the underground pipes that traverse the Village are, in many cases, at least 100 years old and in dire need of replacement. McGarvey indicated that the Village is in the 2nd stage of an $800,000 four-stage process in replacing the old water system. The finish date for the project is now estimated for the coming Spring.The original pipes were put in at a circumference of 4 inches with the new system using 8-inch pipes (i.e. "mains") as a standard. McGarvey estimates that the system contains some 17 miles of pipe that will eventually be replaced.

Already, a slight controversy has arisen in monitoring the use of Village water by noting the difference in billing an individual home versus that of a condominium complex, or a co-op. Since most of the bigger complexes now have water meters larger than the 2-inch meters used in individual homes, the expense for replacing condominium meters will be considered by the Village to be a "commercial" account and will be replaced by that commercial property instead of by the Village. Similarly, those properties designated as commercial will be provided with a single water bill for the total property rather than individual bills for each unit. McGarvey also pointed out that the older meters are effective for a duration of approximately 15 years, when they can begin to lose their accuracy. The new meters can be read from a passing truck and will be placed on the commercial property in an area known as a "pit." While many homes have already had their replacement meters installed by the Village; those that have not done so may call Neptune Water Supply at (800) 390-8060.

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