Location, Location, Location…, Briarcliff to Build a Pump Station at Tarrytown Lakes

As economies contract and tax monies are squeezed, one village after another is looking for ways to combine services and to raise revenues. One of the major new combinations in this section of Westchester is a new water supply to the Village of Briarcliff Manor that will involve the use of Tarrytown land.

Construction will begin this spring and will use the current Tarrytown pump station yard now servicing both Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown (located on the North side of the Tarrytown Lakes area next to Old County House Road). Briarcliff water will be sent via a 4-mile pipeline to a major storage tank located in Briarcliff Manor. The new system is designed to pump 3.1million gallons per day and up to 5.2 million gallons per day in the future.

The primary of source of water for the Village of Briarcliff Manor has been the New York City/New Croton Aqueduct. However, to address current filtration laws, Briarcliff has entered into an agreement with the New York Health Department to switch over to newer filtration treatment facilities. The final solution to the problem was in large part developed by the environmental engineering firm of Hazen and Sawyer. The recommendation was made that Briarcliff Manor would replace its current Croton Aqueduct water source with the New York City Lower Catskill/Delaware Aqueduct System that is currently in use by both Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow.

For the Village of Tarrytown a significant financial benefit has accrued that will play out over the next twenty-five years. Over the first part of the agreement between the two villages, Tarrytown will be paid $1,000,000 in four installments and a second million over the next 25 years in $40,000 payments.

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