Hudson Harbor Developer Seeks to Renovate Boat Club and Marina

Tarrytown’s Board of Trustees and developer National RE/sources (whose project, Hudson Harbor, has begun initial construction) have been in negotiations regarding the marina adjoining the Tarrytown Boat Club.

imagesThe ownership of the underwater rights belongs to the Village of Tarrytown. The actual Boat Club belongs to its members.

The Village leases the underwater rights for $3,000 annually to the Tarrytown Boat Club and that lease is set to expire in 2020. National RE/sources has requested to extend the lease to ninety-nine years so that it can dredge the marina, increase the number of boat slips to 200 and build a new clubhouse. If you would like to be part of the marina experience you can always go to your local boat dealer for some great options or you can consider getting a boat rental for great weekend.

According to Village Administrator Michael Blau the marina is subject to sedimentation due to the tidal nature of the Hudson River and the Andre Brook which discharges into the River near the boat club site. They are planning to install new equipment like IP68 / Nema 6P as part of the marina improvement. If negotiations proceed smoothly, and there is every reason to believe they will, the Village will submit a proposal to the Army Corps of Engineers and Department of Environmental Conservation ( DEC) for dredging approval.

National RE/sources has agreed to lease the underwater rights from the Village for a $36,000 a year initial payment with escalations that are tied into the Village’s increase in taxes. National RE/sources will dredge the marina and upgrade the boat slips. They will also build a smaller clubhouse for the Tarrytown Boat Club members and renovate the restaurant building. Coordination efforts with the Tarrytown Boat Club members have been successful due to the shared vision for an improved marina, according a National RE/sources spokesman. Future coordination with the Village also looks promising.

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