Hey Look Me Over, Lend Me An Ear, Meet the Republican Candidates


Left to right: Michael Farley, Domenic Morabito and Mike Husband.

Michael Farley, Michael Husband, and Nick Morabito have dedicated an astounding number of years of service to the Tarrytown community and are now looking to serve its residents in a different way.

These three individuals are running on the Republican ticket for three seats on the village’s trustee board in the March election.

Mike Husband is a fifteen-year Tarrytown native and vice-president of a Pleasantville construction company called Arben Group. Locally, Mr. Husband has dedicated over eight years to the Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corp., of which he is currently the chief driver, and a fourteen-year member of the Tarrytown Fire Department.

Nick Morabito is a born and bred Tarrytown resident. Mr. Morabito currently works as an electrical inspector and also works with Mr. Husband for the Tarrytown Fire Department. Nick has devoted over four decades of service for Phenix Hose of the Tarrytown Fire Department.

Michael Farley has only lived in Tarrytown for seven years but has been a local business-owner for twenty. Mr. Farley is a part-owner in Michael Christopher Antiques right on Main Street. Farley is also a volunteer ambulance driver and has been interested in local politics for years.

Besides service to the community, these three individuals also share similar views and reasons for running for office. One of their big issues is how the current trustee board is handling the town’s waterfront development. Specifically, they feel the zoning laws and traffic problems are not receiving the proper attention. They believe that there will be inevitable consequences that are not receiving the board’s proper attention or receiving active solutions. The three see the traffic problem in town as a prime example.

“We know the traffic, presently, is a huge issue,” says Husband. The addition of homes and businesses on the waterfront would then only exacerbate a current dilemma. They added that not only will rush hour traffic choke Route 9, but the congestion will also be hazardous for emergency vehicles en route. When asked about potential solutions, the three agreed that there are solutions but none that have been actively pursued. “They have to try…you can’t find a solution with words,” says Morabito.

The candidates are also skeptical of the current plan to build a one-bay firehouse on Rt. 119 and another one-bay firehouse in the south-end of town. In their years of experience, they feel the original approved plan of building a two-bay firehouse on the donated property on Rt. 119 would not only be safer and hence, more effective, but financially superior. They fail to see significant evidence that building two separate structures will save the town an estimated $700,000.

The three candidates would, ultimately, like to see the density decreased on the waterfront development, the construction of a recreation center instead of the proposed aquatic center, and financially sound firehouse construction. If elected, they wish to practice suitable solutions for potential problems. “[With the way things are going] in the next ten years this area will become unrecognizable,” says Farley. Husband adds, “It’s a quality of life issue.” Voting will be held in Tarrytown on March 21.

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