At Last, a New Administration Building for Tarrytown!

For all of us who have been privileged over the years to go into (and safely back out of) the existing Village Hall at 21 Wildey Street, Tarrytown, we are now only a year away from a brand new Administration building complete with a new Justice Court and a new Police headquarters!

imagesThe current Village Hall has been in operation for over fifty years, say some historians, and has just about worn itself out from a combination of heavy use by the Board of Trustees, Town employees, Court visitors and general public meetings.

The new building will be located across from the Tarrytown train station and will include offices and facilities that will total 22,000 sq. ft. It will literally sit in the middle of the original commuter parking lot and will provide parking for staff and visitor cars plus a reduced amount of daily parking for commuters. Administration and police visitors will specifically be happy to note that adequate parking has been planned, finally providing relief from the limited parking of the current Wildey Street location. The entire project will cost $8.5 million dollars, some of it provided to the Village, in exchange for certain building rights by National RE/Sources, the developer of Ferry Landings. One half of the building will be shared by the Police Department and will include four "holding cells" in addition to police offices and quarters. Much of the first floor will be occupied by the new Justice Court which will also serve as a meeting room and public auditorium for various Village activities. Included will be much needed public seating and sound systems that have been sorely missed in the current building. The design of the building will match the overall look of the Washington Irving School and will continue in keeping with the l9th century look of old Tarrytown. Much of the roof area, which is also a third floor, will be used as a storage facility.

The entire building will house 25 Village and Police employees and will have suitable space available for future expansion. Police cars will take advantage of being on the East side of the tracks preventing any blockage of access by the Hudson line railroad tracks. The old police station will remain in place and is currently the subject of a debate as to its final use. Some suggestions have been made to keep as it a training center and a firing range.

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