A “Boatel” is Proposed for the Tarrytown Waterfront

National RE/sources, the Connecticut development firm, will be asked to present ideas for a 120-room hotel on the Tarrytown waterfront, near their current Ferry Landings project, to both the Village Trustees and the public later this Spring.

The initial thinking would be to tie the "boatel" in with the current docking facility on the waterfront which now has room for l90 boats, 60 of which are already members of the yacht club. National RE/sources pointed out that the provision has already been made in the Village Master Plan for such a project.

There has been speculation about the exact location of the "boatel" including the Striped Bass restaurant, but according to a spokesman from National RE/sources, no decision has been made on the exact location or when the project will get started. Obviously, many thoughts, pro and con, are raised by such a proposal, not the least of which is the possibility of additional traffic being mixed in with public and railroad commuter parking, plus any new developments that can occur simultaneously with the hotel project.

No commitment has been made by a hotel chain, nor has any further detail been given other than an initial presentation of the concept several months ago to the Village Board and Planning Board Members. At this point, no decision has been made for the configuration of the hotel but it is expected that parking will be furnished alongside the facility.

With the influx of new hotel space already developed along Rt. 119, consideration will have to be given as to what kind of clientele will be sought by this potential new addition to the waterfront. The Village will be expected to announce soon, both hearing dates: the first being a presentation to the Board of Trustees and the second, a presentation to the public. These will probably be at the Senior Center, in order to accommodate the number of people that would like to hear the latest on the changing waterfront of Tarrytown.

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