Sleepy Hollow Village Notes

Lighthouse Landing

Project Description – redevelopment of the 96 acre former GM site: 1562 d.u.s, 50,000 s.f. office, 148 room hotel, 185,000 s.f.

of retail. Park and Open space development.

Status: Project has been reduced in size and scope in response to village concerns with layout and particularly traffic. Currently, the proposed redevelopment calls for 1250 d.u.s, 30,000 s.f. of office, 148 room hotel, 130,000 s.f. of retail. Further improvements to the overall plan are likely to produce additional reductions in dwelling units. Pursuant to contract agreement, a draft FEIS was received in October. Continuous internal meetings have been held to deal with: Economic Impacts, Design issues, Community facilities, Communications, Traffic, and Site Development issues. A 100 page response package was prepared by the village and transmitted to Roseland on Feb. 1, 2006. The pFEIS delivered by Roseland on May 4th, 2006 was found to be totally inadequate and was returned two weeks later. In response to Brownfields cleanup issues have been reviewed with our consultant, Roux associates. and with the DEC. A proposed Interim Remediation Plan is under active review.

Beyer, Blinder, Belle continued to provide design assistance to village staff focused on landscape and building architecture as well as overall site layout. The Beyer, Blinder, Belle concept plan incorporated live/work and work/live units together with the incorporation of a business incubator building into the west side development and overall opened up the site with views to the river resulting in a significant loss of residential density.

Regarding the east side 28-acre redevelopment, the team of Hahn Engineering and Richard Allen Daley, architect has completed a preliminary schematic design incorporating a new DPW garage, 550 space commuter lot, a surface soccer field and a raised soccer and tennis "stadium" (above the commuter lot) together with a proposed new tenant farm, extending and enhancing part of the Philipsburg Restoration. Additionally, a schematic concept plan has been prepared for the proposed new Fire House building.

Key issues: New Metro North Train Station, Traffic mitigation – Including utilization of a Spud Barge to limit construction traffic on Beekman Ave. Water related uses (a master plan for publicly owned water dependent uses, including fishing pier, boat house, docks, moorings, etc. has been developed by Beyer, Blinder, Belle), Open Space

component, economic benefits/ impacts, architectural treatment, soil cleanup, water reservoir capacity, flooding, DPW Highway garage, east side viaduct access way — which requires structural repair or replacement of the elevated section.

Next Step(s): Follow up with Roseland on obtaining a responsive draft FEIS; Refine the Preferred Alternative Plan for West Side redevelopment and a schematic plan for east side; Develop a component to the open space master plan dealing with public water dependent uses; Develop an architectural design primer; Follow-up with Metro North/MTA on proposed Train Station; Review with members of the Planning Board and Waterfront Advisory Committee the Public Water Dependent Use Master Plan prepared by BBB; Meet with DEC to review Pocantico Flooding issues.

Main goals: Finalize Interim Remediation Plan; Resolve FEIS issues and preferred alternative concept plan for incorporation in an acceptable FEIS by end of July; Set public hearings once acceptable FEIS is in hand.

Personnel Involved: Dave Smith (point person), DD, Joel Sachs, Dolph Rotfeld, STV (traffic), Hardesty-Hanover (Structural), Beyer Blinder Belle and RAD architect (design layout), Real Estate Solutions, DMJM Harris (marine engineer), Roux associates (Brownfields), Joe DeMilia (economic impact), Sean McCarthy.

Ichabod’s Landing

Project Description: development of 44 townhouse condos, 2200 s.f. of retail, extend Horan’s Landing Park on 3.4 acre former car storage site.

Status: Buildings 3 and 4 Complete and occupied. Building 2 90% complete. Building 1 fully enclosed. 28 Certificates of Occupancy issued. 33 of 44 units sold. Bulkhead restoration and protection system approved and installed. Shoreline esplanade work 95% complete, excursion boat dock complete and tested. Collected $35,150 toward water improvements.

Next Step(s): Goal is complete construction and occupancy of all four buildings, follow-up with approved legacy grant to get under contract.

Personnel Involved: Sean McCarthy (point person), DD, Dolph Rotfeld (with sub-contractor Han Padron for bulkhead review).

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