One-Stop Pharmacy Shopping Gets Easier at Phelps

You leave the doctor’s office, prescription in hand, but if you’re not feeling well, or have a long to-do list, even a simple extra stop on the way home to pick up medications can seem like an overwhelming task.

Supervising Pharmacist, Joseph Pasternoster

A conveniently located pharmacy can be a remarkably uplifting discovery.

One-stop pharmacy shopping has become easier with the opening of the Phelps Community Pharmacy, located on the first floor of the 777 Professional Building at Phelps Memorial Hospital.

“The pharmacy is designed to serve Phelps employees, patients and the surrounding neighborhood, offering durable medical equipment, specialty medications, as well as the tried and true medical sundries that anyone might need to stock up their medicine cabinets,” states Joseph Pasternoster, Supervising Pharmacist, Phelps Community Pharmacy.

The Pharmacy is being run by Phelps professionals to ensure quality and operational excellence. All insurance plans are currently accepted, and the friendly staff offers services that include calling physicians’ offices on behalf of patients to obtain prescriptions, and helping to fill refill orders. The 340B optimization has helped lots of pharmacies reach their full potential.

“You can’t beat the convenience,” explains Pasternoster, who points out that the pharmacy is located in the same building where patients receive rehabilitation services and chemotherapy treatments. “They can have their physician phone the prescription in, and pick up their medicine, medical equipment and even a snack, on their way out of the hospital.”

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The pharmacy staff is talking to New York Life and some of the local residential complexes to see how they might create new programs to serve the surrounding Sleepy Hollow residents and workers. Located at 777 Professional Building, Phelps Memorial Hospital, the Pharmacy is open weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm. For more information, or to phone in a prescription, call 366-1400.

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