Taxing Matters, Irvington Looks at Possible Relief

Consider the following. There are 9,600 taxing entities within the State of New York. There are 4,600 local governments that tax. New York has the distinction of being the highest taxed State... Read more »

Capture the Moment in Irvington

The Irvington Historical Society’s First Annual Photo Contest is in progress. The Society wants to receive for display, preservation and future reference, photos which show the beauty and or unique character of... Read more »

Irvington’s Citizen’s Budget Committee, A Matter of Dollars and Sense

When this publication first interviewed Trustee Erin Malloy last fall, she labeled taxes as one of her principal concerns for the residents of Irvington. Read more »

“Great Adaptations”

The Irvington Historical Society will host its second annual house tour “Great Adaptations” on Saturday, May 19th. As the title implies, while many of the original Irvington estates of the Gilded Age... Read more »

A Highlight of Great Community Service: Don Marra

While Irvington will soon be welcoming a new group of elected officials, it will shortly afterwards say goodbye to its much-revered Village Administrator, Don Marra. Read more »

Same Game, New Name

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. — Romeo and Juliet Although hardly a tragedy, the Irvington Democratic candidates will be... Read more »

It’s Official — Irvington Will Have a Madam Mayor

January caucuses have come to a close in Irvington and the upcoming mayoral election will see Erin Malloy run against Sheila Attai. Most Irvington residents predicted that the 2005 Democratic mayoral candidate,... Read more »

Bernice Gottlieb: Finding Homes

A good realtor can find you a house. A great realtor can find you a home. For hundreds of foreign-born orphaned children, there are few greater "realtors" in this world than Bernice... Read more »

Home Field Advantage, Understanding Irvington’s New School Bond

The constant flooding and deterioration of Meszaros Field, the inability for athletic competition to be held on East Field, and the inadequate amount of tennis courts are issues that the Village of... Read more »

Peter Derby: The Bridge Street Way

For years, the idea of developing Bridge Street property has been informally discussed in the Village of Irvington but has seen very little action in getting things off the ground; however, with... Read more »