Synchronicity, Pit Stop Players

From Irvington School Band to Broadway and Beyond

When Garah and Greg Landes were growing up in Irvington, performing on Broadway and Lincoln Center were far from their thoughts. They were just kids attending the Main Street School and eventually,... Read more »
Antonio Alvarez and his paintings

Irvington Artist Donates Collection of His Work to Decorate Lifting Up Westchester’s Men’s Shelter

Antonio Alvarez, a long-time resident of Irvington, recently donated two dozen of his works on canvas and wood paneling to Lifting Up Westchester for use in decorating its Open Arms Men’s Shelter... Read more »

Main Street School Custodian Named Finalist in National Contest

Angel Aviles, a custodian at Main Street School, has been named a finalist in a nationwide Custodian of the Year contest, which is sponsored by Cintas Corp. He is one of 10... Read more »

Speaker Inspires Irvington Middle School Students to Believe in Themselves

Sixth- through eighth-graders welcomed motivational speaker Shaun Derik to their school on February 28 for a special presentation, “Use Your Inside Voices.” A metaphor for listening to one’s voice within, Derik used music, humor and movement to... Read more »

Fortnite: Why are Parents Worried about this Video Game Craze? 

The outcry of violence in video games has existed nearly as long as video games themselves. Going all the way back to 1976, public outcry caused a game called Death Race to be pulled... Read more »

Local Group Takes on Teens’ Biggest Addiction: Their Phones

It’s no secret the youth of America are spending more and more time on smartphones. What’s becoming clearer, though, is the harm phones are causing them. As mothers, and smartphones users themselves,... Read more »

Irvington Main Street School Names Geography Bee champion

Main Street School held its 10th annual Geography Bee competition on March 6, when a group of 15 fourth-graders and 15 fifth-graders answered questions covering all facets of geography worldwide.  Ten rounds concluded with an... Read more »

Scientists of Tomorrow: Irvington HS Science Research Students Earn Top Spots at Symposium 

Thirteen members of the Irvington High School Science Research program presented their research projects at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, held at John Jay High School on February 9. The program provides students with an... Read more »

Great Saw Mill River Cleanup Set For this Weekend

The 10th annual Great Saw Mill River Cleanup will be held on April 13th and 14th from 10 am to 1pm at 8 locations along the waterway from Yonkers to Irvington. Volunteers... Read more »

Who You Gonna Call? Pothole Killer! 

What’s more annoying than driving around Westchester and feeling that shock of hitting a massive pothole that you’re sure wasn’t even there yesterday? Like snow, freezing temperatures and school closings, potholes are... Read more »