“Just Push Play”… Briarcliff’s Enveloping Sound

Okay, so you own or are thinking about buying some of the latest and greatest audio visual equipment that the industry can provide. Or, you already own equipment that is within your... Read more »

The Moon Considered

River Journal invites local residents to submit pieces they have written. Below is one such piece from a woman in Briarcliff Manor. Please contact us at RiverJournal@aol.com for additional information concerning submissions. Read more »
Briarcliff Manor's Village Manager Philip Zegarelli at Briarcliff's new pump station in Tarrytown.

A Merging of Waterworks… The Potential for Better Service and Lower Costs

Representatives from Briarcliff Manor, Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown met several weeks ago to discuss the possibilities of merging their water departments to ensure a reliable and safe source of water and to... Read more »

What Lies Beneath… North State Road

A crane with the capacity to lift 240 tons placed 15 culverts under the roadbed of North State Road in Briarcliff Manor. Each 5-foot long culvert weighed 33,000 pounds. and was 7... Read more »
Sue Glasscot and Sue Taub

The Retail Picture in Briarcliff

It can be risky to open a small business in the middle of an economic downturn, but John and Alyssa Chambal, who have co-owned Briarcliff’s Good Food for only five months, don’t... Read more »
Over the years private business has encroached on Village property. Aerial surveys reveal the Village owning the land on the near side of the orange fence.

The Importance & Urgency of Repairing North State Road

With the coming holiday season a short section of North State Road in Briarcliff is expected to reopen the day before Thanksgiving. The less than 500-foot stretch of road provides access into... Read more »

Join the Great Briarcliff Photo Hunt–with Prizes!

To honor Briarcliff’s 110th Anniversary next year,  The Briarcliff Manor/Scarborough Historical Society is creating a 128-page photo book on the history of the Village. It will be published by Arcadia Publishing and... Read more »

My Sherry &more, Inc.

If you haven’t visited the liquor store at the corner of Pleasantville Road and North State Road recently, put it on your bucket list right away.  Owner, Judy Brazong, has transformed the... Read more »

Briarcliff Resident Kim Izzarelli Runs for Ossining Town Council

Kim Izzarelli has an extensive professional background in employee pension and benefits and she wants each voter to know that 70 cents of every budget dollar by spent by local governments goes... Read more »

Briarcliff Manor’s John Mangialardi Runs for Town Justice

A long-standing resident of Briarcliff Manor, John Mangialardi is running for the Town of Ossining Justice position in the upcoming November 8 election. A graduate of Fordham University and Saint John’s University... Read more »