Under 14s Soccer Compete in Chicago

This past summer a team of fourteen boys flew to Chicago and represented the Villages of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown in the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) National Games. Read more »

Under Construction and Over Budget

Just when you think everything is on track, something happens. In the case of the $72.2 million Schools of the Tarrytowns’ Reconstruction Project, new estimates coming in from contractors bidding on the... Read more »

From River Journal, A Shattered Legacy

Last summer we ran an article entitled "A Tale of Two Schools" which was prompted by calls we had received from school personnel who were concerned with discipline and behavior issues within... Read more »

Hackley Hornets Win Barcelona Cup

This summer the Hackley Girls Soccer team improved their record to 41-0 after outscoring teams 21-2 at the Barcelona Cup in Spain. The Hornets went 5-0 in the European tournament which started... Read more »

The 90 Million Dollar Dig, How It Will Affect Your Taxes

Lying against the office wall of the Superintendent of Schools is a golden-colored metal shovel used on July 11th to commemorate the first stage of the School System’s reconstruction work. Read more »

Sleepy Hollow High School Annual Performing Arts Awards Dinner.

Lucie Steiner — Best Actress, flanked by Greg Valdespino — Best Supporting Actor, and Devin Mahoney — Best Actor. Not shown, Grace Wheelan — Best Supporting Actress. Read more »

When School’s Out, Construction Begins…
To Span Three Years

Outlines and timetables for the expansion and renovation of the Washington Irving School were presented at the final EPTA meeting held at John Paulding on May 30. Read more »

School Elections and Budget Vote Results

Proposition 1 – Budget $50,605,362 Approved Sleepy Hollow Yes: 392 No: 292 Tarrytown Yes: 584 No: 346 Proposition 2 – $329,000 for buses and vans Approved Sleepy Hollow Yes: 385 No: 269... Read more »

In Our Schools – John Paulding

Although the Tooth Fairy is kept very busy with all the lisping, toothless 6 year olds at the John Paulding School, there is actually quite a lot to “sink your teeth into”... Read more »

1,000 Points

Alex Scaros (r) and teammate Rory McDermott, take time after the game to pose for fans. Alex is holding the game ball he scored his 1000th point with. Saturday, January 14, Hackley’s... Read more »