Sleepy Hollow High School Onyebuchi Anuforo

Sleepy Hollow Seniors Write

Now my senior year is here and I just can’t wait to graduate. I feel as if I have grown over the past couple of years and every step I take helps... Read more »
Sleepy Hollow High School's Adelin Diaz

Sleepy Hollow Seniors Write

I was so excited when I passed to the 12th grade. I was so excited because I was about to graduate. Now I am working hard to pass all my classes and... Read more »
Jenny Yanqui Sleepy Hollow High School

Sleepy Hollow Seniors Write

During my four years at school I have achieved many things. When I look back at everything that I have left behind I see that it was worth it. Every day of... Read more »
Stephen Hart, Sleepy Hollow High School

Sleepy Hollow Seniors Write

The last four years of my life I have had many experiences, from being a freshman and not knowing what to do, to becoming a senior and trying to be a good... Read more »
Oquidea Ramirez

Sleepy Hollow Seniors Write

This year, my senior year, I think this is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life. This year has been so great and yet has gone by so fast.... Read more »
Heidy Suero, Sleepy Hollow High School

Sleepy Hollow Seniors Write

I’m going to The College of Mount Saint Vincent in August 2010. My plans are to have two careers; I want to become an eye doctor and a math teacher. I don’t... Read more »
Scott Mosenthal

Pomp & Principals – Irvington

Dear Class of 2010 Irvington Graduates and Parents, Robert Bonvento, the publisher of the River Journal, has asked me and Carol Conklin, the principal of Sleepy Hollow High School, to share some... Read more »
Sleepy Hollow High School Principal Carol Conklin

Pomp & Principals – Sleepy Hollow

Dear Class of 2010, You are certainly a memorable group!  From your first day of high school you have impressed us with your creativity, challenged us with your energy, and dazzled us... Read more »
Transfiguration School's Willy Wonka Junior

Transfiguration School Drama Club Presents “Willy Wonka, Jr.”

Transfiguration School, in Tarrytown, has a long history of providing students with a rich cultural experience. This year, Transfiguration School is excited to announce a newly formed Drama Club, led by Peter... Read more »

School Budget and Board Votes for Tarrytown and Irvington

RESULTS OF 2010/2011 SCHOOLS BUDGETS FOR THE TARRYTOWNS AND IRVINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICTS. Union Free School District of the Tarrytowns $63,440,147 Budget Results“Yes” 793 votes “No”  571 votes Proposition 2 Change in mileage... Read more »