Sleepy Hollow High School Team Wins Best News Magazine Video

Sleepy Hollow High School Team Wins Best News Magazine Video Sleepy Hollow High School’s Multimedia Productions Team won "Best News Magazine Video" at the ninth annual Reel Teens Festival. Read more »

Fall Sports

With fall well underway, local Rivertowns are approaching the final stretch of the sports season. Both Irvington and Sleepy Hollow teams are having some successful seasons, with still a month to play.... Read more »

Sleepy Hollow High School News, Sleepy Hollow High School Seniors among National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

Sarah Feigelson and Sydney Gaylin, members of the Class of 2010 at Sleepy Hollow High School, are among the 16,000 seniors nation-wide to be named National Merit Scholar semifinalists. Read more »

Ten Irvington Students Named National Merit Commended Students

The Irvington School District is proud to announce that the following ten seniors were named Commended Students in the 2010 National Merit Scholarship Program: Lauren Altamura, Evan Austin, Laura Becker, Ian Bruckner,... Read more »

ACL Injury Prevention in High School Athletics

What is the ACL? In medical terms, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the primary restraint to the anterior displacement of the tibia on the femur at all angles of the knee... Read more »

The Super-6 ACL Prevention Exercises

Single-Leg Stiff Legged Dead Lift (FIRST IMAGE) Stand on 1 leg, holding weight in both hands Keep back flat, lean forward at hips and lift free leg to the rear, in line... Read more »

You Could Smell Football In The Air

With all its complexities, the sense of smell can trigger memories. For this writer, the newly cut grass in late August will always remind me of an oncoming football season. Read more »

Speaking Out, Summertime Words

"Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…" as Gershwin wrote, and true it is. No more school, after- school lessons, and no more homework. Kids feel free, parents breathe easier, life has a... Read more »

Pooh and Friends

Barbara Lazaar, owner and self-proclaimed chief cook and bottle washer of Pooh and Friends in Tarrytown, has always worked with children. "I enjoy it and I’m glad I’m here," she said. Read more »

Christian Pre-School at Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church

Christian Pre-School is located inside Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church on the corner of Ashford Ave. and Storm St. We have been in existence in the Rivertowns for the past 34 years. Read more »