Community Hospital at Dobbs Ferry

As a resident of Irvington and an employee of Community Hospital at Dobbs Ferry I would like to make you aware that this hospital has saved countless lives in our […] Read more »

On Main Street

As a frequent stroller, resident and practitioner in Tarrytown, I am writing to lament two recent losses to the face and character of the "left bank of Tarrytown" —our Main […] Read more »

No Second Term

It is with a sad heart that I am unable to run for a second term, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported me […] Read more »

Crossing Party Lines

Sheila Attai is my definite choice for Mayor in the Village of Irvington. Together with her husband, Lari, and their three children, Sheila has been a dynamic member of the […] Read more »

Lighthouse Landing Concerns

Dear River Journal, As a long-term Sleepy Hollow resident, I attended last week’s Lighthouse Landing hearings with great interest, and a great deal of concern. Read more »

Principally Speaking

Dear Editor: At Sleepy Hollow High School, we welcome all students who reside in our villages, affording them access to opportunities that will open doors to their future. Read more »

What Concerns Do We Really Have?

The Irvington Athletic Fields issue has been the subject of much debate over the last two years. After attending a seemingly endless series of meetings I am left with one […] Read more »

The Irvington Traffic Safety Task Force

Dear Editor, At a meeting with Traffic Enforcement Officers of the Town of Greenburgh, Village of Irvington and Village of Tarrytown last year, remedies for the dangerous traffic situation in […] Read more »

An Overwhelming Success

Dear Editor, On Saturday morning, October 21st, something wonderful happened in the Village of Tarrytown. The Tarrytown Beautification Foundation, along with scores of volunteers planted an estimated 30,000 daffodil bulbs […] Read more »

Discrediting Messengers

Dear Editor, I write in response to a letter addressed to my wife that was not mailed to her. Rather, it was sent to your newspaper and to the Superintendent, […] Read more »