The Egg and Butter Man of Eastview

The Egg and Butter Man of Eastview

When I was a young boy my family often went for rides on Sundays.  Often, the ride would lead around the Tarrytown Lakes, past the pump house, then through a […] Read more »

Emotional Wisdom

In the past decade we have made tremendous strides in education, enabling us to intervene with precision with reading disabilities; we have insisted on maintaining an arts curriculum despite budget […] Read more »
Tommy Chan with his mother and wife Jenny.

Taste of China Celebrates 20 Years

It will be 20 years, on June 27, since owner, Tommy Chan, opened Taste of China restaurant on Main Street in Tarrytown. It’s one of Tarrytown’s mainstays, which is quite […] Read more »

Internet Decorating Comes of Age

A decade ago, when the internet was burgeoning forth to change our lives forever, when websites were springing up like weeds in spring and technology was promising to do everything […] Read more »
Kykuit, Sleepy Hollow

“Refreshed” Tours at Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate, Make a Grand Experience Even Better

How do you make a trip, to what is already considered to be Westchester’s premiere cultural attraction, even better? You focus on providing the most perfect visitor experience possible through […] Read more »
Essay Winners

“Hall of Fame” Essay Contest Winners Honored

Emily Eagan of Sleepy Hollow and Amelia Rose Bonvento of Tarrytown received awards from the mayors and accolades from their families, friends and teachers at the Hall of Fame Essay […] Read more »
Shiloh Baptist Church, Tarrytown, NY

Shiloh Baptist Church Celebrates 125 Years

The Shiloh Baptist Church, 90 North Washington Street in Tarrytown is in the midst of celebrating its 125 anniversary. Read more »

Attending the Prom?……Read On!

Prom season is upon us.  Because I work with so many 12th graders I get to hear all about dress shopping, date drama, after-prom plans, and the like.  It makes […] Read more »

The Truth About Tanning: 10 Facts About Sun Protection & Preventing Skin Cancer

With summer fast approaching and May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month, it’s never been more important to know the facts about sun protection, especially in light of recent medical findings. […] Read more »

Legal Steps In Buying or Selling a Home and the Inherent Risks

In an effort to provide our readers with interesting legal information River Journal offers a new column entitled Legal Eagle. Over the coming months we will address a variety of […] Read more »